Protein powder is commonly used by women to help in their weight control goals. It is also beneficial to maintain lean muscle mass throughout your entire weight loss plan. Protein shakes are an easy way to manage the number of calories and other nutrients you ingest throughout the day.

Whey protein powders provide excellent results in burning fat, but unfortunately they are often criticized as being unhealthy. The controversy centers on whether whey protein powders are the appropriate multivitamin for everyday use or if they contain large amounts of sugar and calories. It is important to understand that protein powders are a combination of amino acids and is an excellent source of nutrition. However, there are several side effects associated with protein powders that include bloating and diarrhea.

Whey protein powder contains 20 calories per serving and features comparable carbohydrate and protein characteristics to milk. This makes it ideal as a post-workout treat, but it is important to consider whether or not these products are safe for use as a meal replacement. You should not substitute Whey powder for eggs because the latter contains similar fats and carbs to Whey. Similarly, it is not recommended to substitute products such as soy milk and rice protein powders because they are made with casein, which is derived from cow’s milk.

There are two major manufacturers of protein powder drinks and these are Yoplait and Slimquick. In comparison to Yoplait yoghurt, Slimquick has a much higher fat per 100g and a relatively low sugar per 100g. Yoplait has a higher fat per gram and a relatively lower sugar per gram. Although both brands have comparable carbohydrates and proteins, they differ in the types of fats and sugars they feature.

Yoplait shakes feature a combination of milk, whey and nettle powder while Slimquick features egg white, rice and sorbitol. The difference between the two is that Yoplait shakes use more milk and therefore contain a higher level of carbs. The whey powder in Slimquick shakes has fewer carbs than the other ingredients. If you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current fitness level, you may want to consider one of these drinks so that you are consuming a reasonable amount of carbs per serving, which is helpful if you are trying to shed pounds.

When choosing between Yoplait and Slimquick, it is important to consider how the shakes are made. Yoplait uses a pasteurised process where heated milk, whey, green soy and cornstarch are combined and then left to cool. This is mixed up by hand before being poured into moulds which are then frozen. The only difference between the flavours in Yoplait and Slimquick is that Yoplait uses skimmed milk and the other contains whole or pasteurised milk. The high protein content in Yoplait ensures that you will get a really smooth and creamy taste whereas the sweetness in Slimquick is provided through natural flavours.

As with many raw organic fit high protein products, Yoplait Nutrition can be purchased online. Although the costs may seem high to some, they are still generally very good value for money. If you are committed to losing weight or maintaining your fitness level, you could consider buying some Yoplait products to give you an extra boost. Many of the other major brands such as Powerade and Optipower also have their own unique selling points, so check them out as well. It is important to note that the prices on the market are generally driven by the cost of brand marketing so if you are buying a product because of the name brand, remember that there may be additional costs for marketing.

One way in which Yoplait Nutrition has really come out trumps in recent years is with their Pure Protein Whey isolate. This is a great choice, especially if you are looking for a protein supplement that can give you all of the amino acids that your body needs. Many protein powders today do not contain all of these essential amino acids, so if you want a great all round protein supplement, check out Yoplait. Other protein powders also provide some great options, but for a variety of different reasons, they simply cannot compete with Yoplait for providing high quality protein.

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