This is my 4th day on the Keto diet and using 5HTP for food cravings. I am finally in ketosis and am losing weight. This update includes information about ketosis, 5 HTP and my food cravings, exercise, and what I eat in a day. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss my weight loss tips.

Day 1 – Thursday, 11/5/2020
Morning Weight: 216.4
Evening Weight: 217.6

Day 2 – Friday, 11/6/2020
Morning Weight: 215.2
Evening Weight: 216.0

Day 3 – Saturday, 11/7/2020
Morning Weight: 214.8
Evening Weight: 216.8

Day 4 – Sunday, 11/8/2020
Morning Weight: 213.8
Evening Weight: 216.2

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