5HTP stands for “High Tolerant Triglyceride.” This is a type of cholesterol that is higher than the “LDL” or the bad LDL. It is important in our bodies because it is needed to control our blood sugar levels. This is why it is so important to maintain a healthy weight, even though we may be trying to lose weight. By eating foods that are high in HDL, we can reduce the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed into our bodies and this can help to prevent conditions such as heart disease.

5HTP may also be referred to as “partially digested protein.” The term partly digested means that the proteins are broken down partially when they are taken into the body. Although this may seem good for your health, there are many people who believe that this type of protein is not as beneficial to our health as other types. They are particularly worried about the effect it could have on their health if they are trying to lose weight. The truth is that our body does not need any extra protein because it is already made in our bodies. So, by including this protein in your diet, you will be able to maintain the optimum level of health that you were naturally born with.

5HTP is found naturally in certain types of food such as: beans, nuts, whey, fish, carrots, brown rice and walnuts. It is also present in eggs and various dairy products. Although our bodies only require 5HTP to maintain a healthy weight, studies have shown that there is an increase in immune system activity when these nutrients are combined with antioxidants. The increased immune system activity helps to fight off diseases and prevents premature aging. Since the immune system plays such an important role in health, you will want to make sure that you are taking a daily supplement that contains 5HTP along with all of the other necessary nutrients that are important to your health.

Antioxidants are substances that help protect the body from the damages caused by free radicals. Examples of free radicals include: oxygen, nicotine, smoke, dirt and toxins. In addition to protecting the body from damage, antioxidants also reduce the risk of diseases. Some examples of antioxidants include: Vitamin C, beta carotene, flavonoids, lycopene and quercetin.

Both males and females can benefit from the effects of 5HTP. It is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful for arthritis, tendonitis and bursitis. This powerful antioxidant can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume 5HTP have a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. By reducing the buildup of cholesterol and lowering the total blood pressure, you are also increasing the amount of healthy blood vessels and removing plaque from the walls of the arteries.

5HTP can stimulate healthy cell growth and activity in the scalp and follicles of the hair. It also helps to improve the condition of the skin and helps to prevent damage from UV rays. This is especially important for people with dry or damaged scalps and it can help prevent premature graying and dulling of the hair.

Men suffering from male pattern baldness have shown great improvement when using 5HTP. It works by inhibiting conversion of the testosterone into DHT. DHT is known to be the primary culprit in causing male pattern baldness. So this powerful antioxidant can effectively reverse the effects of DHT. The benefits of this powerful anti-aging compound for men include:

5HTP works quickly and effectively. By stimulating the scalp and improving circulation, it can improve the health and appearance of the hair. This will result in stronger, healthier hair that will be easier to manage and keep looking healthier for longer. Plus, 5HTP contains no negative side effects. So even if your scalp may be a little drier than normal, this powerful hair supplement will help to restore its health quickly.

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