Human Growth Hormone or more popularly known as HGH is a hormone that has various benefits on the health of an individual. The basic function of HGH is to support the normal functioning of the body tissues including the reproduction system, metabolism and immunity. It is also vital for the proper growth of children, stimulates bone growth and also makes way for proper cell regeneration and repair.

When the levels of this vital hormone drop the result would be stunted growth and stunted immune system. In addition to this, ailments such as diabetes and heart diseases are experienced by many. Moreover, as the level of HGH in the body decreases, people tend to face fatigue, weight gain and have low energy levels. Hence, it is very necessary to enhance the levels of this important hormone in order to enjoy a fit and healthy life.

So, what are the best things that you can do to boost up your levels of 5HTP? The first thing that you need to know is that this is not an instant solution and requires commitment and regular practices from your side. Though 5HTP can definitely help in growing taller and thus improving your looks, there are some limitations to this substance. 5HTP cannot directly stimulate the growth of the cells in the body; hence it cannot enlarge the muscles or delay the aging process.

However, with the help of proper and efficient diet, exercise and sufficient amount of sleep you will be able to supply the body with the right amount of 5HTP and other nutrients. One of the best ways to improve the levels of 5HTP in the body is by the consumption of various kinds of food rich in enzymes. These enzymes are found naturally in fruits and vegetables and are produced due to the digestive processes. The natural sources of enzymes may vary from one person to another depending on their diet and health.

There are many kinds of foods that are rich in enzymes and you can include such foods in your daily diet. Some of these are beans, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, leafy greens, parsley and many more. These foods are very helpful in increasing the production of enzymes in your body. Thus, they will help you grow taller and prevent various disorders associated with the growth of the body.

Apart from the foods containing 5HTP, there are also a number of supplements that are available which will help to increase the levels of this substance. In addition to 5HTP, there are other vital nutrients that are required for good health and these include proteins, vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are especially important as they are responsible for the proper functioning of all the organs of your body including the central nervous system. In order to increase the levels of vitamin B in your body, you should regularly take supplements like Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Biotin.

Exercise is also extremely important in maintaining good health. If you feel that your mind is not functioning properly, it is time for you to engage in some kind of exercise activity. Walking, jogging, riding a bike, dancing, swimming and so on are some of the healthy activities that you can engage in. You can also consider taking a short walk every day to keep your energy levels up.

The growth hormone is very important for growing taller. It is found in the brain and is responsible for promoting new growth of tissues and cells in the body. So, if you are looking to prevent disorders like loss of height, you should include this substance in your diet and in your daily exercises. Exercises help in preventing stress and depression too.