SAMe and 5-HTP are both natural supplements used to reduce the symptoms of depression, but which one is better suited to your needs? In this video I’m going to show you the similarities and differences, the benefits and side effects of both SAMe and 5-HTP for the treatment of depression.

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S-Adenosyl Methionine, or SAMe is a chemical in our bodies that is involved in pain relief and depression. Normally, people who have higher levels of SAMe have more serotonin (the happiness hormone) and less depressive symptoms.

5-HTP is the natural precursor of serotonin, so people who have higher levels of 5-HTP also naturally have more serotonin and less depressive symptoms.

Both SAMe and 5-HTP supplements have been proven to reduce the symptoms of depression better than a placebo and in some cases they are just as effective as prescription antidepressant drugs.

However, SAMe is known to over excite some people and trigger anxiety, which is not an ideal side effect. 5-HTP doesn’t usually have this effect, but it is very short lived in the body. You need slow release 5-HTP to receive any benefits from this supplement.

You can increase your amounts of both SAMe and 5-HTP through your diet, but you need to be eating a wide variety of very healthy foods and avoiding sugary and processed foods.

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