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Are you questioning whether you need to take l-tyrosine and 5-htp together? Some people are saying that if you take 5 htp for depression, that you’ll make your symptoms worse if you don’t take 5-htp and tyrosine (5-htp l tyrosine).

In this video Dr Janelle talks about how dopamine and serotonin are made in the body, serotonin deficiency and dopamine deficiency symptoms. She discusses the impact of taking l tyrosine for depression and 5-htp for depression, on their own and together. Tyrosine supplements can increase the activity of the AAAD enzyme and led to reduced serotonin levels. This doesn’t happen with tyrosine rich foods.

Near the end of the video 5-htp dosage for depression (5-htp for depression dosage) and tyrosine dosage for depression are discussed.

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Here’s the scientific research that I refer to in my video:

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