Benefits Of Vitamin C and 5-HTP Review! Worth It??

Benefits Of Vitamin C and 5-HTP Review! Worth It??

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5 hidroxitriptofano ou 5-HTP ou Griffonia Simplicifolia

5 hidroxitriptofano ou 5-HTP ou Griffonia Simplicifolia

5-hidroxitriptofano ou resumidamente, 5-HTP é um aminoácido natural, que tem ação semelhante ao triptofano, que é um precursor do neurotransmissor serotonina, proporcionando sensação de bem estar. Também é conhecido por Griffonia Simplicifolia.

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5-HTP “Nutritional Supplement Series” by Dr Todd Austin

5-HTP “Nutritional Supplement Series” by Dr Todd Austin 5-HTP is a nutritional supplement that helps with creating quality Serotonin & Melatonin and balancing out “S group deficiencies”. This is video # 2 from Dr. Todd Austin’s “Nutritional Supplement Series”. Dr. Austin practices at Austin Family Chiropractic in Virden, IL near Springfield. Visit his clinic website for the Brain Function Questionaire to determine if you have an S-group deficiency at: .

Here is the link to my blog post & video about “Why We All Need a QUALITY OMEGA 3 FISH OIL Supplement”:

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The Best 5-HTP Max Review