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Description: 5 HTP 200mg – 180 Tablets – Natural Griffonia Extract Double Strength 5-HTP 200mg 180 Tablets Twice the Value of Competing Brands Best Seller, Thousands Sold – UK Produced For Peace of Mind

this is my absolute honest review of this product. nu u nutrition develops and markets cutting-edge products that help you achieve the type of wellness or type of physique you are looking for they have a little bit of everything they have got things that aids digestion they’ve got things that agent way they’ve got all sorts of different ins on their website so please go and check this week I’m gonna be from the match via HTTP and this support I was really keen on testing a lot of good things about this product with helping with sleep and helping with anxiety and things like 5-htp is an amino acid that your body naturally processes so rather than pumping your body for chemicals if you were going to be taking that depressants you could try something like this instead but for me my main reason for taking this was for sleep I absolute struck so hard with sleep time I suppose get sleep my brain is always going miles now I’ve had sort of medium sized dieting recently because I’ve been checking jobs I was curious to test if this would help with other day I’m just gonna go into how this product actually works but uses five 5-htp to predict produce serotonin it’s chemical messenger that sends taking this 5-htp griffonia seed extract the way to boost your serotonin have also it helps with your symptoms of anxiety depression and lack of sleep having really low serotonin does cause sleep problems it does cause weight problems it also causes obviously depression anxiety if you can’t find any influential factors and why from the way why it could just be down to something as simple as your body’s not producing enough serotonin the product comes in this little pot and you get 180 tablets and that was the last six months these notes habits you see retail for a 9-pound that’s them which I feel is really really good for value for money things you get a six-month supply and at the moment they are on offer on their website they’re only 15 pound 97 on the website so head below to grab yourself some recommended dose for these is two a day and then should be taken up like time before you go to bed with like a light snack just to help them digest properly and just I’m have been taking these religiously or online now so easy to take and I can take two at a time without choking or anything I don’t like the big tablets so this is really good for me that’s the information about product and what it claims to do and now I’m gonna get on to hard work for me [Music] I already started to notice I was keeping heavier I’m gonna do go to sleep I was just sleeping flat out for the whole night I didn’t wake up, …no side effects at all so far it is brilliant and then I was changing jobs obviously I was earlier and I have had no stress or anxiety about changing my jobs which is a big plus point because that is a scary shuffle thing to go through my just day-to-day activities and everything I am actually feeling a lot more positive and I’m outgoing so that is probably because I just gave a really good night’s sleep but like the sort of things that used to warm me up all the time they don’t tend to wind me up so much anymore and I’m feeling more relaxed and more chilled out and I’m laughing a lot harder too, so I think they really are having a good effect on my you just have massive bags my clothes all the time and I feel like they’ve got a look lighter and my eyes are less puffy yeah every day my skin’s also improved drastically and it’s more sort of Julie textured and before it was getting very dry from just not sleeping fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead to perv like decreasing slightly as well which is a big plus point it’s not something that product claims to do so just bear that in mind I’m not saying the product is gonna get rid of all your wrinkles in your eye bags and everything but I think this with me it was just that I was actually sleeping for the first time in ages and I’ve actually slept so well all three of course have taken it but my skin was obviously clearly suffering from not being out to have another sleep though for me my big takeaway factors is my mood has improved I’m super much better and I’m having more of a positive outlook any changes in me this product definitely gets a big turnout of I will definitely be recommending this to everybody who suffers with sleep you are taking anything else that might clash with this

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