Can 5-HTP help treat depression? This video discusses how 5-HTP works, when 5-HTP should be used and if 5-HTP is actually effective for treating the symptoms of depression and increasing happiness.

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My 5-HTP recommendation = Natrol Timed Release 200mg
This 5-HTP supplement is a medium dose that releases 5-HTP slowly over several hours to provide increased and sustained levels of Serotonin production

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If you have mild depression and are currently not taking any medication, try taking this 5-HTP daily for 1 month to see if it helps improve your symptoms of depression. If it has a positive effect, consider taking 5-HTP more regularly. If it has any negative effects on you, stop taking 5-HTP immediately and if you are concerned, see your doctor. Remember, I am not a doctor.

5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan (5-HTP) is the precursor of Serotonin, the happiness hormone in the body. Therefore it makes sense that more 5-HTP would lead to higher Serotonin levels and increased happiness.

However, supplemental 5-HTP is rapidly degraded in the body, normally before it has a chance to form serotonin and trigger feelings of happiness. Luckily, slow release 5-HTP has been shown to last longer in the body and produce sustained levels of serotonin.

If you suffer from Severe Depression, you should talk to your doctor about recieving regular therapy sessions, which can be extremely helpful for dealing with depression. Futhermore, your doctor may offer you anti-depressant medication, which I have made a video about, click the link below to view it. />
If you have mild depression and aren’t currently taking any medication for it, 5-HTP could potentially help to treat your symptoms and improve your mood. The recommended daily dosage of 5-HTP is somewhere between 100-500mg, depending on how your body responds to it.

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