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5htp is one of the most popular and best natural antidepressant supplements. In this video Dr Janelle Sinclair discusses the most effective 5-htp dosage for depression. She provides very practical information such as what is 5-htp, why take 5 htp for depression, how much 5 htp for depression, 5-htp drug interactions, 5-htp risks and side-effects, as well as 5-htp contraindications.

There is a right way to take 5-htp. How much 5 htp to take? How much 5 htp should I take? Dr Janelle will answer these questions and tell you about 5-htp how to take it, what time of the day to take it, and whether to take 5-htp with or without food? 5-htp for depression dosages need to be started low and increased slowly to avoid side-effects. Dr Janelle gives you all the details.

If you find that 5-htp isn’t right for you Dr Janelle suggests that you learn more about biological causes of depression.


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